how to recieve your ukip leaflets

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after an approximately 2-hour-long facebook debate with a couple "comrades" on my friends list, ive reached the conclusion that there needs to be a branch of communist thought (or maybe said branch already exists, idk) that officially condemns transphobia, sexism, racism, and homo/bi/etcphobia due to their inherent reactionary nature and their tendency to divide the working class. the bourgeois will ALWAYS be exploitative of these differences, which is why it's up to proletarians to erase hatred


we definitely do need to make commitments to those, and it’s a shame that many of the parties in existence atm are still rather hamfisted and ambivalent over it all - LGBTQ stuff in particular. national chauvinism, racism, patriarchy etc. have all played major parts in undermining and destroying existing socialism in the past


more proof of jerry beefmilk2 being a huge asshole who also (get this) MISGENDERS people

swagswagswag amirite?

what. a. fucker.

why has there been so much drama about Slipknot lately why are they still relevant when in the however many fuckin years since their last album (I’m pretty sure it came out when I was in early high school) they’ve lost two members and done nothing else of note

oh wait yeah the metal press has a list of about twenty bands it gives a fuck about and every single one of them makes a Metal Hammer cover at some point in a two year period and every single one of them is either stale pre-90’s dinosaur metal, stale early 00’s nu-metal or stale late 00’s breakdowncore because unless you’ve either been in the top three slots at Download, apparently the readership don’t give a fuck

I mean come on, I got nothing against mainstream metal on the whole, there’s good shit and bad shit like everywhere else, but the metal press just fucking clings to bands in a way that no other genre does and it gets stifling. What’s the point in new and up-and-coming metal bands trying to get their music to the masses when nobody’s ever going to give anybody as much attention as they’re STILL giving Metallica?

Music shouldn’t be made in pursuit of fame, but there’s nothing wrong with pursuing fame as a means to widen your music’s audience. But who’s going to bother when they know that ancient bands who’ve forgotten how to make good music are still dominating the press and up-and-coming acts get largely ignored or stuck in a tiny corner column somewhere?

This happens to an extent in all genres but metal is by far the worst for it

*passive-aggressively likes posts calling him out on being an abusive fuckwad*

*fails to own up, apologise or even fucking acknowledge what he’s done*

Here’s the link to the full story.


whenever i see these post-apocalyptic films set in the USA where everyone is pretty much just killing each other with no mention of other nations i always just assume that the rest of the world is fine and has learnt how to resume life as normal

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life goals: hound every rapist and sexual abuser I find straight off the fuckin internet

is it absolutely fucking necessary for these asshole builders out in the road to shout literally everything they say

You woke me up an hour early you SHITS


i fuck with a small amount of people on here and im not letting anyone else in the circle

Is that why you ignore being called out for trying to manipulate underage lasses into sending you nudes?


it’s embarrassing how often that happens tbh. white woman does something racist and people crack out the gendered slurs without a hint of self-awareness

okay but are people really cracking out the “racist bitch” line at Avril

yeah she’s racist but

you don’t get to call someone a bigot and then use a slur in the same fucking breath. shut it.



i think im gonna cry

this actually happened wow

People who romanticise small town life are idiots

As somebody who was brought up in a small town, let me explain small towns

There’s nothing to do if you’re under 35 or poor, there’s never any good gigs at all (apart from good comedians but that’s because life’s so miserable we give them the best laughs), the locals are generally more racist than anywhere else, there’s no real sense of community with your neighbours and there’s always a lingering smell of pig shit because small towns tend to be surrounded by farms

The only good thing that can be said of small towns is the beer is cheaper than in cities. It has to be. Makes it easier to drown everything out.

Swans? Playing Brighton? The day after my birthday?

If enough of you paypal me like a single quid I can go. who wants to give me the best birthday present I’m gonna get this year (from anybody who’s not Laura cos she’ll nail it)